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Thomas, creator of “Thomas complete rotation” and American gymnastics legend died

Kurt Thomas, an American gymnastics legend and member of the International Gymnastics Hall of fame, died at the age of 64 last weekend after a stroke. The American Gymnastics Association paid tribute to Thomas’ death, saying that Mr. Thomas was honored, and was one of the most influential and inspiring athletes in the history of American gymnastics. Everyone will always miss him. The famous gymnastic movement “Thomas full rotation” was created by Thomas at the 1979 World Championships in Fort Worth, USA. He first used this highly difficult full rotation of legs in the pommel horse competition, and finally won the championship. This action was “transplanted” to the free operation, parallel bars and other items and widely used. Another famous sportsman died. American gymnastic legend Kurt Thomas died on Friday at the age of 64, the New York Times and other media reported.

He allegedly suffered a stroke last month, followed by a series of complications. His wife, Betsy Thomas, confirmed her death. “I lost my world, my best friend and soul mate in 24 years. Kurt had a wonderful life and I will always be proud to be his wife. ”

In gymnastics, Kurt Thomas has a very outstanding historical position, especially in the United States gymnastics is a milestone.

In 1976, he took part in the Montreal Olympic Games, and then won the floor exercise championship at the Gymnastics World Championships in 1978, which is also the first men’s floor exercise World Championship in the history of American gymnastics.

In the 1979 Gymnastics World Championships, he once again blazed the field, won 6 medals, and set a historical record of the number of individual medals in a single world championships. No one has broken this record so far. At the 2018 World Championships, Simon Byers, an American female general, once tied the record.

Thomas also demonstrated the highly difficult innovative action “Thomas full rotation” at the world championships in 1979. This action named after him was later used by many players in multiple events, which injected new vitality into the development of gymnastics. This action was even used in other events besides street dance.

However, such a legendary gymnast who left a deep mark in the history of world gymnastics has also become a victim of politics.

When the 1980 Summer Olympic Games was held, Thomas was in the world of gymnastics and was regarded as one of the most popular candidates for the Olympic gold medal by the outside world. But because the Games were held in the Soviet Union, the United States announced that it would boycott the games and would not send athletes.

Thomas lost his best chance to stand on the Olympic podium. He himself lamented later, “I know I was the best player of the time.”

Unable to let go of his Olympic dream, he returned in 1989, trying to challenge his qualification for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. However, due to the decline of technology caused by his old age and long time away from the competition, he failed to pass the qualification test, and his Olympic medal dream was not realized.

In addition to the competition, Thomas has also been involved in the performing arts circle, has played in films and TV plays, and has also served as an event commentator for ABC and ESPN. At the same time, he has been working as a coach in gymnastics since his retirement. In 2003, he was selected into the International Gymnastics Hall of fame.

“Kurt is one of the most inspiring and influential male gymnasts in American history, and we will miss him very much,” said the CEO of the American Gymnastics Association.

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